Booking a private guide tour in Morocco

If you are going to plan a trip to Morocco, make your venture authentic with a unique Moroccan tour. It’s suggested that the best way to see the culture is through the eyes of one of the local people. The indigenous people of Morocco are the Amizigh also known as the Berber people. You can find a personal Berber guide to escort you almost everywhere to ensure you have a journey to remember.

Most Berber guides you will find speak English, French, German and Spanish and possibly Italian, the support and knowledge they can share with you, can make the difference between a standard sight-seeing trip and a quest which is deeply informed and educational.

It is recommended that you book a private Morocco guide through one of the many online agents, they can help you to tailor your tour of Morocco, so you can allow yourself to get lost in the sensory involvement of this varied country, with a friendly local guide by your’ side.

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What to see of the culture in Morocco?

Whether its your first-time visiting Morocco or your returning to take in more of its freedom, finding the right support can really make the difference. Discovering Morocco tours on my first visit here has shown me just how open and welcoming the people of Morocco really are.

There is much to see and understand in the beautiful North African country of Morocco. With a landscape that ranges from the coastlines on the Atlantic, rising inland to peaks of the Atlas Mountains and south to the barren Sahara Desert. There’s an abundance of places to stay throughout a variety of cultural sites, from traditional riads tucked away in the mazes of the city’s medinas to the peaceful mountain side Berber villages hidden in the lofty valleys.

You will discover seductive music to flood the mind, delicious food to fill the belly and customary dancing to free your body and much more can be experienced during you tour of Morocco. The challenge will be to decide on what you would most like to do with your time here. You want to get the most out of your encounters so booking a Morocco private tour is the most efficient way to maximise the activities on your exploration.

Choosing your adventure tour in Morocco

Trekking in Morocco is the past time of choice in the Atlas Mountains. There you will find many spectacular backdrops to your hiking escapades. Embrace your love of the great outdoors on one of the many hiking tours and find the space you need to relax and to reconnect to yourself. There are plenty of reasons to plan a few days on a walking tour into your itinerary.

In the north of the country you will find the Rif Mountains and the Atlas Mountains are central and to the south. Contemplate your place in the world whilst meditating on one of the many breath-taking views from the mountain passes and the summit of Toubkal. If you’re up for the challenge you can plan to take the routes on foot or for a more light-hearted assent you can access the peaks on the back of a mountain mule.

For the adrenaline chasers and more intrepid Morocco tours, you can savour the excitement of mountain biking through the Atlas passes and, in the winter,, months hit the slopes as the conditions for skiing are ideal and attract many keen snow lovers.

Maybe your more of a camel person and the sand dunes of the great Sahara Desert may feel more seductive than the peaks and valleys of the Atlas range. Plan a tour to discover the Southern part of Morocco and lose yourself in the romantic tundra of golden sand. Joining a caravan of camel trekkers and desert nomads, who share music and stories at the encampment of tents, an experience that really holds all the magic of the Sahara.

A love of star gazing will certainly be satisfied from a night under the desert sky. The sheer abundance of stars to be seen by the naked eye really is awesome. By day the desert is a rolling vista of dunes and lush green oasis. Allowing the depth of the silence to filter into the mind and peacefully accept your solitude. This is the ultimate get away from the normal town and city life. No point of reference, no distraction, an entire part of the planet void of the tarnished hands of man, awaiting your footprint as though you were the first.

For those you like the chaotic freedom of the city life, joining a luxury Morocco tour of the imperial cities will introduce you to the history, lively culture and traditions of this land. With tours to discover Morocco you can enjoy the variety of all the main city attractions. Casablanca, Rabat, Meknes, Volubilis, Fez, Beni Mellal and Marrakech. Arranging an eight-day expert tour of Morocco will introduce you to many aspects of the Moroccan culture that you otherwise miss as a tourist travelling alone.

Visit the Hassan II Mosque, the royal palace and the Mohamed V mausoleum, the economic capital Casablanca and the cornich boulevard, continue to the Moroccan capital of Rabat, the Royal Palace, the Kasbah Oudayas, the Hassan tower and the Museum of money.

There are plenty of other exciting activities to do whilst in Morocco; Surfing along the coast lines many surf breaks, you can find a yoga retreat or even take creative workshops in … there lifestyle here has lots of appeal and as a traveller, you really feel welcomed by the people who live here. Finding the right guide to show you give you a tour of Morocco deep into its culture is essential for and authentic journey.

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