In Morocco, there is a 1000 of tour possibilities and wonderful range of cites to visit and places to walk around as well an incredible landscape.

Main destinations for walking in Morocco

The main destinations for walking in the four imperial cities; Marrakech, Fez and Meknes are especially beautiful and offer plenty for the exploring tourist to discover. Whilst the natural beauty of the country itself will provide a perfect backdrop for any adventure and trekking.

If you want to walk in Marrakech

From the golden beaches along the Atlantic coast to the awesome vastness of the Sahara, you can head to the peaks of the Atlas Mountains or venture into the valleys. All of these places provide space for you to stretch your legs and walk.

The imperial city of Marrakech is as chaos of action and full of history, which means there is plenty to check out as you walk around. If you’re looking for places to go for a walk, Marrakech is a shopping paradise, and there is a maze of streets in which you can lose yourself. You can find a wide range of stores, selling many different items and spend a full day walking seeing what is on offer here.

In the night, a visit to the marketplace of Djemma el Fna will satisfy your hunger for local food. Stay in a traditional riad for a more authentic experience combined with the maze of streets of the medina, your walk around this city we certainly delight.

Walk around Fez

For more than 400 years the medieval town of Fez has be the capital of Morocco. This Imperials city is still a place which is an important centre for religion and culture. As you discover this city on foot finding places to walk, be sure to pass by the Quaraouiyine mosque, the Chaouwara Tanneries and the Merenid Tombs. You will also find that many visitors make a point of checking out the Mellah and the Jewish quarter as well. Fez, has been recognised by UNESCO as a site of historical importance, there is lots to discover here, old and new.

walk-meknes-400x225 Walking tours


Another of the Imperial cities is Meknes. This is a smaller city than Marrakesh and Fez, but it is just as inviting as a place to visit. The cities medina is a fine example if the older culture still at work in a modern era.

The charming souks are great for walking and enjoying the architecture. The huge gates and carvings are statement pieces for those who like to spot the features. The city is home to the Museum of Moroccan Art for those who wish to learn more about the evolution of the unique Moroccan style.

The ruins at Volubilis and the Royal stables are also worth a visit whilst on your walking tour of this city.

The North city of Tanger

There is also the famous Tangier, the city by the sea. There is a lot of history to discover on a weekend walk around this city. With its deep connection to literary history; Tennessee Williams, William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg have all spent time here and made reference to life here through their work.

The harbour is a great place to walk around to feel the life of the place and from here you can see the coast of Spain in the distance over the Gibraltar strait.

Walk on the beach

Along the Moroccan coast you can visit Essaouira. You will find than walking around here is a lot more relaxed that dealing will the busy crowd of the bigger cities. This is a seaside town that is know for its amazing seafood restaurants and scenic walks near the coeacast and during the month of June the city is host to a large music festival, featuring music from all over the world.

If you prefer walking along the coast you can also head to Asilah, a beach town on the north Atlantic coast, with a medina dating from the 8th century. This is a popular destination for Moroccans. The city walls are decorated with colourful street art and murals which is then off set but all the white painted houses. This is also another destination for festival lovers, at they host and annual arts festival which features all lot of contemporary artists.

All around Morocco

From the coast you can travel back inland to the Rif Mountains. There is plenty of walking to be done across this part of Morocco and there are many town and villages to visit. Chefchaouen is a creative hub within the peaks and attracts many photographers and painters. I wonderful little place to walk around and very different to the coastal towns and Imperial cities.

The painted blue houses, a framed by the tones of rocks towering over their rooftops. The median is brimming with arts and crafts and will add to your walk of discovery. You can fill you bags with gift before ambling into the countryside.

If your inspired by the great heights of the mountains and wish to keep on walking into the clouds, then you can head to the High Atlas Mountains next. Jebel Toubkal is the highest peak of the High Atlas and all of North Africa. You may not feel like hiking to the peak (4167 metres) but you will find plenty of trails and walks to do in an afternoon around the village of Imlil. At the foot of the great Toubkal mountain, here you will find walking trips and hiking tours for people with all levels of experience. It offers trails suitable for beginner mountain hikers as long as you are in good physical condition.

Between some of the great Atlas peaks there runs the Dades Valley. Here you will find some of the most spectacular scenery in Morocco. The cliff faces are like expressive works of art, with a transitioning range of earthen colours that have naturally formed when these mountains used to be an ocean floor. Set your compass to the magnificent Todra Goage for a walk of epic proportions. You will find trails to walk near traditional forts, kasbahs as well as find rest and relaxation of one of the luxury hotels of local riads.

Leaving the best until las, you can lose yourself walking in the deserwalk-desert-300x200 Walking tourst. Leaving from the small town of Merzouga, you can book a Morocco desert tour and enter into the dramatic wilderness of the great Sahara Desert. There are options of taking a camel safari but if you are choosing to explore the landscape by foot, with a band of local Amazigh the experience will be one of a lifetime.

Morocco has much to offer for those who like to tour the world on foot. You will find a range of locations and enjoy a choice of landscapes of this amazing country.