Imlil Village in Morocco

Imlil is a small mountain village located in the heart of Morocco’s High Atlas range. Tucked away in the beautiful Toubkal valley, it is a peaceful retreat located in one of North Africa’s most stunning natural landscapes.

About Imlil

The town is considered the gateway to exploring the High Atlas region. The town is accessible by a scenic road through the mountains. As visitors drive towards Imlil, they will notice the dramatic scenery transform as the road ascends into the Atlas and snakes along the mountainside.Riad-Atlas-Panorama-Imlil-walking-tour-mount-toubkal-300x200 Imlil Village in Morocco

Imlil is a popular place for trekking in the High Atlas, with many trails and multi-day hikes starting from the village. One of the most popular walks is the summit trek to Jebal Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa. The town is a great resource for trekkers, offering many options for guided treks, luggage transfer and hiking equipment.

Other than trekking, the village is also a great place to relax, enjoy the scenery, and experience rural Berber culture.


Where is Imlil in Morocco?

The town of Imlil is located in the High Atlas Mountains, nestled in the beautiful Toubkal valley. The village is near the highest mountain in North Africa, Jebel Toubkal.

How far is Imlil from Marrakech?

It takes approximately 1.5 hours to reach Imlil from Marrakech by car or taxi. The village lies 60km to the south of Marrakech and can be accessed through a scenic mountain road.

Getting there?

The closest airport is Marrakech Menara airport. Visitors can take a taxi, shared grand taxi or minibus to Imlil from Sidi Mimon, located in the Marrakech city centre. A seat in a shared grand taxi will cost around 35 Dirhams. A private taxi will cost around 210 Dirhams.

Alternatively, visitors can take a local bus to the neighbouring town of Asni, and reach Imlil by taxi from there. The bus to Asni is run by Souk to Surf, as costs 100 Dirhams. The taxi from Asni to Imlil Is roughly 10 Dirhams.

How high is Imlil?

Imlil village is located at 1800m/5900ft above sea level.

Where to stay?

There are a variety of hotels and accommodation options in Imlil village. Visitors can choose to stay in a riad, a type of traditional Moroccan accommodation. Riad Atlas Panorama is located at the highest point of the village. It is a recommended option for visitors who want to enjoy an exquisite view of the mountains, as well as experience traditional Moroccan hospitality.

What to do?

Imlil is the perfect base for trekking in the High Atlas. Situated at the foothills of Jebel Toubkal, visitors have the opportunity to summit the highest peak in North Africa. There are a variety of trails which range from day hikes to multi-day treks.
In the winter season, ski touring also becomes possible. This is an exciting and unique way to view the peaks

The village of Imlil offers great resources for hikers with many experienced guides, options for luggage transfer, as well as shops selling equipment.

Visitors can also choose to simply to relax in the village and enjoy the beauty of the Atlas mountains. Cooler summer temperatures, fresh mountain air, and breathtaking scenery make Imlil the perfect retreat to experience the best of Marokko’s natural landscapes.

Where to eat?

Visitors can discover a range of cafes, restaurants and eateries. There are many restaurants with rooftop terraces, offering fantastic views of the valley. The region surrounding Imlil is well-known for its walnut, cherry and apple production.

Some restaurants offering traditional Berber food are:

  • Chez les Berbères
  • Zaratoustra Auberge Restaurant
  • Atlas Prestige Restaurant
  • Kasbah Du Toubkal Restaurant

Is Imlil safe?

Imlil is safe, but it’s not recommended to plan a trek without a guide. In Imlil, you can find many guides that offer guided treks that are budget-friendly.

Imlil on the map

Imlil is in central Morocco, roughly 60 km south of Marrakech.